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and His Friends from Outer Space

by Charles Wallace

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released June 24, 2018

Produced by Capitano Merletti and Charles Wallace.

All songs and lyrics written by Charles Wallace
Arranged by Charles Wallace and Capitano Merletti

Recorded by Charles Wallace at Laazy Studio, Vittorio Veneto, Italy
Capitano Merletti at Studio Garp, Oderzo, Italy
Dnezzar at PFM, Conegliano, Italy
Mixed by Capitano Merletti and Charles Wallace at Studio Garp
Mastered by Capitano Merletti at Studio Garp

Artwork by Homesick Suni and Charles Wallace


all rights reserved



Charles Wallace Vittorio Veneto, Italy

Marco Zuccaro, Vittorio Veneto (TV), suono per dire la verità, rilassare i muscoli, ammorbidire gli animi e sentirmi una persona vivente.

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Track Name: Fools Bayou
Turn around that corner there and never come back home,
even if we'll meet again I'll be just a stranger on my own.
Change the lock in the front door and don't give me the keys,
light a lamp when you're at home but leave me here to freeze,
would you?

Cause I'm already stuck into Fools Bayou my love
and something strange, I know,
happens to those who moves.
I was passing by but now I think I'll stay,
fooled by you babe.

Love is something powerful, if you had a doubt.
Love can split a town in half,
I will take the north and you the south.
So, if you need some company, a shoulder to cry on,
come and see me by the bayou
I would like sincerely take you home.

But I'm already stuck into Fools Bayou my love
and something strange, I know,
happens to those who moves.
Well I was passing by but now I think i'll stay,
fooled by you babe.

I was pouring sugar into your loving cup
when something strange came up
and now I cannot move.
I was passing by but now I think i'll stay.
Track Name: The Left Hand of the Devil
They say I got the left hand of the devil
that fight with the right side angel,
and it wins.
And it wins.

They say I look at the sky when I tell a lie,
got the luck always on my side,
that my life is an easy one.

But then when I decide to go left or right,
to be wrong or to tell a lie,
there's no sky where my eyes are bound.

I look at the ground.

My mama said to always was my mouth,
"Respond when I call you loud!",
"Go out with the jacket on!".

So I went to curch,
a often on a while,
'till the Devil started running wild,
now it stops.
Now it goes.

Now I'm used to do with Dev the golden street ahead,
left hand in left hand,
friends down to the bones.
Track Name: Roller Coaster, Baby
You and I,
I'll rather die.
Who could believe in the old another try?
Because you bring me up and throw me down, let me touch the sky and then hit the ground.
All aboard! Wings unbound!
The Roller Coaster baby will put you down.

Come on and pay another ride. I know you're scared, but you got to try.
Because she brings you up and throw you down, let you touch the sky and hit the ground.
All aboard! From coast to coast!
For the attraction that we love the most.
Track Name: Pantera
I look at you gettin painted on in the bedroom floor,
since I've got you in my sight, it's been easier.
I can't drag on this skanky life without your smile,
since I've got you on my mind, it's been raining,
with the sun.
Like the summer makes you shining,
take my heart into your arms, make me live another life,
and then you leave me,
without rematch.
What I've done babe, to have you stuck into my skin just like a movie?

And I can't pull on these lazy bones without being stoned,
since i've got you on my mouth, it's been raining,
with the sun.
Like the summer, when it's quiter,
take my heart into your arms, make me live another life,
untill you'll leave me.
Track Name: Mary Jane Sea Cruise
Here's the story about the man that drowned in pain and the pond who's also known by the name of Mary Jane,
and how deeply in the blue of the deepest blue of the abyss,
the Majestic Abyss of the Love he went through.
And how easy is the life when the sun knock in your front door,
And how daily seems the night when she's down here with me.
But i never have to tell you that nothing last forever
or do i?

Well our Hero and the Bravest Man on Planet Earth made a cruise throughout the Mary Jane Sea of Love on a boat,
for to search into the creepest cave under the waves on the bottom of the abyss, his heart locked in a case.
When the bravest man said "Man, I'm out of here!",
and the wind came both from west and from the east,
our boy jumped in the middle of the Mary Jane Triangle in the sea.
In the deep blue sea.
Track Name: Ultimate Guide to Happiness
Well do, if you feel blue, the things I sing in this song for you.
Would be, more or less, a little guide to happiness.
Then you will tell me, oh yeah you will tell me, if this is working on.
And you will thank me, oh yeah you will thank, for all your life.

Unlike the other guides this one will give you some good advice,
an ancient recipe and I will say it to you for free.
Oh you will tell me, oh you can't imagine how this is working on,
and you will thank me oh yeah you will thank for all your life.

oh this guide is something boy that you will not believe,
it's so powerful indeed, prepare your mind.

It came right from the sun, written down by Neanderthals,
then seems, until today, that we had lost of it every trace.
And now it's here for me to share and you're the lucky ones.
Open your eyes give me your ears, and i will speak.
Track Name: Wrong
I was wrong from the cradle.
From the top of the horns, I was bad, to the end of the tail.
Psycho, dumb and insane to keep me out of your way.
But you know, life won't develop herself, got to try to do something good with your hands,
no, you'll still go to hell.
Oh i wish it will be better than this, only time can't tell but he never sings,
guess we'll have to believe.

I've been down for a long, long time.
I've been gone for a little while now it's all right.
And I drove like a thousand miles, now I sould start see the light,
am I wrong or right?

I've been lost at the wheels of my home, through the darkest ways that I've ever seen,
me and Willie on our own.
"Where you've been?",
"There's dirt in your eyes.",
"Are you sleeping at night?".

I've been down for a long, long time.
I've been gone for a little while now it's all right.
And I drove like a thousand miles, now I sould start see the light,
am I wrong or right?
Track Name: Hungry Hearted Woman
She's got a cloud inside her eyes,
rain and rays that let you go blind,
doesn't know what it means to be wrong or right,
She will do what her heart, he will tell her to do.
She's got a reign inside her brain, bread and wine and you can't complain.
She's a mother a friend and a faboulous lover,
changing the way things looks brighter
and over again

She's a hungry hearted woman going greedy of my love.

She's pouring thunders into the floor,
slaps and kisses in the backyard door,
She's not waiting for you she just waits for your love
and She'll take it away and then double it on.
Monday she loves me through the bones, tuesday want see me die poor and lone,
if I had a dime every time that she change
I would never be here playing for you
the same songs again.

She's a hungry hearted woman going greedy of my love.
Track Name: Silvia
Sleeping reason create monstruosity.
Don't worry now, is not your fault, you were born like this.
You semen of the Hate, in Hate forever be.
No one's looking, take the chance and go away from here.
Get in your car and drive right to your mom, cry all the night until the morning come.
And then you're back at work.

Far from any changes this is all your life and at this point you'll understand that this is how you're going to die.
No souls to love you, few tongues on your butt, can't you see that every face around you is made up?
Not all the fuck that you will ever give, not all the things you ever did or said,
the only thing that should make you,
feel ashamed,

you wake up every day.

Damn, think about it, totally your style,
a coward death for a coward life, sneaking in the night.

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